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man the inescapable

The Winter Cynic, or Lord Magnificent Bastard
10 July 1988
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general information
Fact: I'm a transdude. I'm actually a very boring person. Falacy: Everything else. Please comment to be added
Absolutely no censoring; you will be getting the blow-by-blow coverage of anything from PMS to fanboying over fandoms. Rabid shipper. Emphasis on rabid. Even your cute children's novels are not safe.
A graduate of BS Psychology, Catholic when necessary and hoping to go into a future in Child Psychology and (Filipino) Sexuality Studies. Occasional geek; perpetual dork. Expressive today; tongue-tied tomorrow. Sayer of stupid things; sometimes hits the jackpot and says profound things. (But that isn't often.) In a relationship of 6 years, turning 7 this March 2011.
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My Hall of Honor (more like a niche of honor, actually):
alice in wonderland, anthropology, anubituf, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, bad jokes, badassery, ballet, batman, belzebub x sariel, billy lee black, biology, black, black butler, blood, boot hill, butlers, cake, cars, castrati, cats, catwoman, cello, chaos, child psychology, chrysanthemums, churches, cillian murphy, cobb/arthur, comics, computers, corsets, count cain, crosses, crowley, d.gray-man, dark humor, darker than black, destruction, discussion, dogs: bullets and carnage, dork culture, drawing, dreaming bigger darling, eames, eames/fischer, eating, elena, embraces, existentialism, fall, family, fantasy, femslash, fiction, filipino psychology, fischer, flowers, food, full metal alchemist, gaming, gay, german, good omens, graphic design, graphic novels, gray, guns, guragief, hanna cross, herbert marcuse, hinabn, homosexual psychology, honor, horror movies, icecream, inception, judas iscariot, keeping it real, kuroshitsuji, l'arc~en~ciel, lawyers, literature, loli, lucifer morningstar, lycans, malice mizer, manga, mountains, music, neil gaiman, nosferatu, novels, paintings, philosophy, piano, pizza, poetry, pornography, prophecies, psychology, rain, reading, religion, reno, reno x elena, robert fischer, roses, sarcasm, save my soul, science fiction, sexuality, sexuality psychology, shota, silent hill, simoun, slash, sleeping beauty, stories, sweets, tea, team really awful shirt, terry pratchett, the mourning son, the turks, tom hardy, tseng, video games, vincent valentine, viola, winter, words, writing, xenogears, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuri